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As for the support of industrial projects, the Fund provides the following services to the project initiators:

  • Partial and comprehensive development of pre-project documentation with the assistance of highly qualified consultants;
  • Attraction of strategic and financial investors and institutions both in the local and international market with the application of the Holding’s tools and its broad international network;
  • Financing of the FEED stage on the terms of repayment of funds when attracting investment and/or borrowed capital.

In accordance with its strategy, the Fund focuses on the projects from the manufacturing industry at the cost of at least KZT 4 bn. - for industrial projects and KZT 7 bn. - for infrastructure projects, while the most priority industries for the Fund include:

  • Railway engineering;
  • Agricultural engineering;
  • Agricultural chemistry;
  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Transport and logistics infrastructure;
  • Tourist infrastructure;
  • Energy infrastructure.

In connection with the need to facilitate economic diversification, the Fund works on the projects with the high level of processing - usually not lower than the third.

Today, there is a large number of local and international companies in the Kazakhstan market that prepare pre-/project documentation and attract investors. However, there are no companies in the market that are ready to share financial risks with project initiators when attracting investors. Therefore, in order to form a value proposition for the project initiators, as well as to implement the development institution function, the Fund provides independent financing for the pre-project stage at 50% to 70% of the documentation cost, depending on the degree of the project elaboration and associated risks.

To get more information on the Fund’s services for Support of commercial industrial projects and on other issues you may contact us using the provided contact details.