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Giovanni Capannelli

Giovanni Capannelli

Independent member of the Supervisory Board

Chairman - Independent member of the Supervisory Board.

Citizenship – Italy.

Graduated from the Bocconi University in 1990, Bachelor of Economics (Milan, Italy). In 1994, he received a Master degree in Economics, School of Economics of the Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan). He holds a PhD in Economics from the School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University, (Tokyo, Japan). From 2002 to 2020, he worked at the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Led the preparation of two key ADB publications on regional economic cooperation: "Emerging Asian regionalism: A partnership for shared prosperity" (2008) and "Institutions for regional integration: toward an Asian economic community" (2010). He also contributed to conceptualization of the ADB flagship study "Asia 2050: Realizing the Asian Century" (2011). In 1999-2002, he was a Professor of Economics at the Asia-Europe Institute of the University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). In 1996 -1998, he worked as an economist in the representative office of the Bank of Italy in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore (Tokyo, Japan). Since December 25, 2020, based on the decision of the General Meeting of Participants, Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund LLP, he has been elected Chairman - Independent member of the Supervisory Board. Does not own a stake in Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund LLP.