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Rustam Yelyubayev

Rustam Yelyubayev

Project Manager / PPP

In 2008 he graduated from Suleiman Demirel Kazakh-Turkish University, Faculty of Economics with major in Management; in 2011 he graduated from Kozybaev North Kazakhstan State University, Faculty of Law.

Since 2010 he worked in various SECs including JSC NC SEC Soltustik, JSC NC SEC Astana being in leadership positions, engaged in investment projects in textile industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. within the framework of implementation of state programs, as well as issues of monitoring subsidiaries and asset management. In 2015, in the Office of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he was responsible for monitoring the activities of subordinate organizations. Since 2016 he served as Director of the regional center for public-private partnership.

He conducts projects of public-private partnership in the field of transport and logistics, management of state assets.