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About the project

Initiator of the project

Private Kazakhstan company and foreign investor


Management of the Company has a team of professionals, including project implementation specialists and industry experts


Solid waste utilization

Purpose of the project

Project assumes the creation of plant for electricity production with a capacity of 4 MW from biogas on the basis of the existing waste sorting complex with preliminary sorting of solid waste and sale of solid waste useful fractions.

Project compliance with development goals of the Republic of Kazakhstan

·         Project corresponds to several state programs (State Program of Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015–2019, “Business Roadmap 2020” program).

Implementation period:



Almaty region


about 45 million Euros


There are several technologies for intermediate treatment of SHW in the world: incineration, incineration with heat recovery (including power generation), incineration with melting of ash dust, gasification with melting of solid materials, regeneration of fuel waste, composting, grinding and sorting.


Technology used in the project is the most complex and "high-tech" waste management option, which allows to dispose 95-100% of non-recyclable waste SHW into electricity, without polluting the environment and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


For raw materials: 100-120 thousand tons of solid waste


Production capacity by product: e/e-32,646 MW / h, secondary materials-26,156 t / year

Current status of the project

Pre-project documentation has been developed, morphological analysis of SHW has been carried out, land plot has been obtained, equipment suppliers have been selected, a long-term contract for the supply of electricity has been concluded, and contract for the supply of raw materials (SHW) has been concluded. Business plan for the project is currently being developed. 

Fund participation in the Project

The Fund provides consulting services for raising funds and developing project documentation.