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About the project

Initiator of the project

Private investor


Management of the Company has a team of professionals, including project implementation specialists and industry experts


Energy (biofuel production)

Purpose of the project

Project is supposed to establish the production of biofuels from oilseed crops with a capacity of 60-80 thousand tons per year on territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Project compliance with development goals of the Republic of Kazakhstan

·         Project corresponds to several state programs (State Program of Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015–2019, “Business Roadmap 2020” program, Program of Agricultural Development for 2013-2020, "Agribusiness 2020" program).

Implementation period:

It will be determined after completion of the search for a strategic investor. 


North Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions.


about US $75 million

Estimated funding sources

Capital (20-30%)

Borrowed funds (70-80%)


Forecast estimates of market development indicate a single-digit growth of the biofuel segment, provided that the priority remains for traditional fuel. Depending on the region, biofuels may take up 10% to 30% of total energy consumption by 2030.


About 60-80 thousand tons per year

Project performance indicators



Initial investment

~ US $75 million


~ US $130 million





EBITDA, return


Payback period

5.7 years

Discount payback period

6.7 years

Current status of the project

·         The Investment Memorandum and preliminary financial model have been finalized

·         Issue of signing preliminary offtake contracts for sale of final products to the EU and China is being worked out

·         Initiator of the project has the exclusive right to use main equipment

·         Initiator of the project and KPPF (subsidiary of the "Baiterek" National Management Holding) signed an agreement to provide services for financial closure of the project

·         Negotiations are underway with potential investors for the project.

Fund participation in the Project

The Fund provides consulting services for raising funds and developing project documentation.