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Construction of versatile family-entertainment complex HAPPYLAND

About the project

Project initiator

LLP THEME PARK – investment company whose primary task is to construct a versatile family-entertainment complex under the brand HAPPYLAND; in terms of Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) tourism potential development, the Company together with LLP GT who is HAPPYLON trademark developer and owner, have developed a new concept of open park operation, new standards and methods of open park operation, integrated under HAPPYLAND trademark.
The company owner is a founder of HAPPYLON entertainment indoor parks network. A group of HAPPYLON companies gained tenfold increase of business in 10 years - having expanded a network of 10 facilities in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.


Company top management has a team of professionals with cumulative over-70-year work experience in entertainment (7 key top managers and consultants)



Project implementation purpose

Project primary purpose is to provide Kazakhstan and Central Asia people with an opportunity to gain experience of visiting a world-class entertainment park.

Project compliance with RoK development goals

Project is compliant with tourism development goals in Kazakhstan under the state-approved concept of tourism industry development till 2023 and creation one of six cultural and tourism clusters in Almaty.

Implementation period



Almaty oblast, Iliski district, Yntymak village (23 km north of Almaty). Land area is 193 ha.


117 million US dollars

Intended sources of funding

Capital (20-30%):

  • Own funds – 8%
  • Funds of direct investments / private investors – 12-22%

Borrowed funds (70-80%)


Entertainment industry market in Kazakhstan is estimated at 680 million US dollars, and shows further steady long-term growth (annual). The market consists of some outdated amusement parks and small aqua parks that do not meet international standards.

Number of visits

In average 1,7 million visitors a year

Project performance indicators (success criteria)

NPV – 9,7 billion KZT

IRR – 18,9%

PP – 7,7 years

DPP – 12,5 years

Project current status

Preliminary master plan, business plan and financial model have been developed for the project.  Work is underway to attract international investors. Continue work to allocate a land plot, necessary infrastructure and other state preferences.

Fund participation in the project

The Fund plans to render consultancy services to attract funding and to develop project documentation.