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IMPLEMENTED PROJECT: Construction, operation and management of International Airport in Turkestan

About the project

Project status

On May 10, 2020, a PPP agreement was signed between "Department of passenger transport and highways of Turkestan Region" SI and "Turkmenistan International Airport" LLP. The official opening of the airport took place on September 28, 2020

Type of contract

A PPP contract that provides for construction and transfer of a PPP facility to the state property, with its further operation and management by a private partner

Public partner

Akimat of Turkestan region acting on behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan and represented by "Department of passenger transport and highways of Turkestan Region" State Institution 


Civil aviation

Project objective

Construction, operation and management of Turkestan International Airport with a capacity of at least 450 passengers per hour.

Implementation period

Total implementation period: 4 years

Investment period: 2020 (1 year)

Post-investment period: 2021-2023 (3 years)


Technical and technological parameters of the project

The area of the airport is 905 hectares; the area of the passenger terminal is 10.5 thousand square meters with two telescopic boarding ramps.

RUnway parameters - 3300X (7.50+7.50)

The airport's capacity is 450 passengers per hour


Positive effects

·                    Creation of a new international airport in Turkestan.

·                    New investments / raising funds in the economy of Kazakhstan

·                    Increase of employment of the population. The project will create more than 1,200 jobs

·                    Development of the aviation industry in Kazakhstan

·                    Development of tourism industry and infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan region and Turkestan city

·                    Technological development

·                    Direct international flights will have a positive impact on the marketing of historical and spiritual values of Turkestan region

·                    Increasing comfort for people in the country who visit the region

·                    Possibility to attract passengers from Uzbekistan (Tashkent) and possibility of transfer from Turkestan

·                    Socio-economic benefits for the region

·                    Improvement of efficiency of management of a PPP facility owned by a Public partner with international experience and qualifications of a Private partner

·                     Effective use of budget funds

Environmental impact of the project

Potential hazards associated with the risk of operation of the enterprise may arise as a result of the impact of both natural and anthropogenic factors. The project provides for the construction of all facilities taking into account local weather conditions.

The level of environmental impact is defined as acceptable.

The project provides for compliance with the system of rules, regulations, instructions and standards of production technology of the enterprise, and safety rules, which will minimize the impact of the facility on the environment. With timely and full-scale implementation of measures to prevent emergencies, the occurrence of emergencies and, accordingly, the environmental risk is reduced to minimum levels.

KPPF's role in the Project

Provision of services to the state partner on advisory support of the project, including:

·         conducting an assessment of the need for project implementation;

·         assessment of the potential private partner's compliance with statutory qualification requirements;

·         participation in negotiations between public and private partners;

·         conducting meetings of the Commission on direct negotiations;

·         support of the project in the course of approvals and examinations by authorized bodies and organizations;

·         evaluation of the draft PPP agreement with participation in negotiations on its terms;

·         bringing the project to commercial closure (conclusion of a PPP contract).

Turkestan Airport was opened on September 28. The area of the airport is 905 hectares, the area of the passenger terminal is 10.5 thousand square meters, and its capacity is 450 passengers per hour.

The terminal will serve about 3 million passengers a year. At the first stage, Kazakhstan airlines will open flights to Nur-Sultan and Almaty, and to other regional centers of Kazakhstan in the future. In addition, Turkish Airlines plans to open flights to Istanbul. It is planned that the airport of Turkestan will be included in the "open sky" mode for flights of foreign airlines.  Construction of the airport began in May 2019. The investor is the Turkish company YDA Group, it is engaged in the construction of the airport. The private partner and project company is Turkistan International Airport LLP.

The PPP contract provides for the construction, equipment and transfer of the PPP facility to the property of the state, with further operation and management of the PPP facility by a private partner.

 Estimated payments from the budget for the PPP project within 3 years: investment costs recovery (ICR), operating costs recovery (OCR), management fee (MF).


Location of the facility: Turkestan region, Kentau city, Shaga village. The distance from Turkestan is 16.3 km.