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CURRENT PROJECT: Construction and operation of a multi-field hospital in Turkestan (direct negotiations)

About the project

Project status

Preliminary negotiations to discuss the business plan of the Project


Type of contract

A PPP agreement that provides for financing, design, construction and management of a PPP facility by the private partner with its transfer to state property after commissioning. Private partner carries out the technical operation of the PPP facility during the term of the PPP agreement.

Public partner

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Health care

Project objective

Creation of a modern hospital in Turkestan, consisting of a multi-field hospital designed for 570 beds, and a consultative and diagnostic building with a capacity of 500 visits per shift. Implementation of a PPP Project aimed at the development of health care in Turkestan and Turkestan region, improve quality and provide affordable medical care to the population, as well as introduction of new technologies in medicine and approach to management of social infrastructure in Kazakhstan.

Implementation period

Total implementation period is 7.5 years

Investment period: 2020-2023 (2 years 6 months)

Post-investment period: 2023-2028 (5 years)

Technical and technological parameters of the project

The land plot area is 15.63 hectares.

Multi-field in-patient hospital with 570 beds.

Consulting and diagnostic center with a capacity of 500 visits per shift.

Positive effects

Improvement of existing health services and updating of Kazakhstan standards to the level of compliance with international standards and modern conditions. The project will be innovative in terms of architectural design of healthcare facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan; it will reflect a new vision for medical equipment


Environmental impact of the project

Implementation of the Project will not have a negative impact on the environment, while the PPP agreement will take into account measures to reduce the negative impact.

KPPF's role in the Project

Support of the PPP Project at the stage of negotiation processes, passing of expert examinations

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as MH RK) intends to implement the Project under the contracted public-private partnership within the Concession agreement. Cooperation between the state represented by MH RK and the private partnership entity on implementation of the Concession project will facilitate the development of healthcare, medical education and medical science. The project will be aimed at financing, establishment and operation of facilities of social infrastructure and support services.

As part of the Project concerned, the Grantor will act as an organizer of the tender for selection of the Concessionaire and will conclude the Concession agreement with the Concessionaire. The Concessionaire will construct the Concession facility and transfer it into the state ownership. KazNMU will be defined as a state-owned legal entity to which the Concession facility subject to be accepted as a state property will be assigned. After that the right to use and own the Concession facility will be transferred to the Concessionaire for further technical operation of a New University Hospital.

The Concession facility will be operated jointly by the Concessionaire who will be responsible for the Technical operation of the Concession facility and Medical services operator/KazNMU who will be responsible for the Operation of the Concession facility.

The Concession agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is concluded for 16 years and is effective from the date of expiry of the Agreement unless its effectiveness is terminated earlier or extended for an additional period in accordance with the Agreement’s terms and conditions.

In turn, the term of the Agreement may be prolonged upon the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of the parties, including special circumstances, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, and the additional agreement of the Parties, as well as the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is planned to attract own and borrowed funds of private investors in order to finance the construction of New University Hospital.

The costs incurred by the Concessionaire at the investment stage of the Project implementation will be compensated to him at the operation stage. The scheme of availability payments is selected as a payment mechanism (by the Grantor to Concessionaire).

Availability payment provides compensation for operating and investment costs and remuneration for management (including payment of return on equity) to the Concessionaire from the date of commissioning of the Concession facility and shall be paid to the private party regardless of the operating load of the New University Hospital. Thus, with the use of this mechanism, the risk of demand is transferred to the Grantor that increases the attractiveness of the Project for investors.

It is not planned to apply state supporting measures for the Concessionaire’s activities.

Construction of a multi-field hospital with a capacity of 570 beds and a consulting and diagnostic building for 500 visits per shift, which involves the provision of maintenance and medical-related services for uninterrupted provision of high-quality outpatient medical services for diagnosis and treatment of various forms of diseases in the population by a medical operator determined by a Public partner. The proposed list of services of a Private Partner, combined with their quality, will contribute to a high level of competitiveness of the hospital. Participation of a foreign company in a PPP Project will increase the efficiency of health facility management due to international experience and staff qualifications.

Creation of the PPP Facility will be implemented at the expense of own (20% of PPP project cost) and borrowed funds of private partner (80% of PPP project cost) for 2 years and 6 months (30 months). After the PPP Facility is put into operation and transferred to the republican property, it is assumed that the Private Partner will carry out technical operation of PPP Facility.

Territory of the new special economic zone "TURKISTAN" at the address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan